Benoît Roy, born in 1936, has always been an avid sportsman, combined with a career in teaching and research (biomechanics) into physical activity, at Laval University. It was during his 30 years as a professor that he discovered cross-country skiing, a sport he continues to practise regularly today.

In Quebec, he met Bernard … who invited Benoît to join the team attempting a first for Canada in Greenland:

“In 1995, I shared a memorable experience with Bernard, when he invited me to join him and Thierry Petry on a ski trek across Greenland. At the time I had never been on this type of trip. It was a revelation for me, and one that indelibly marked my imagination. Throughout our adventure I had unshakeable confidence in Bernard, especially at the most difficult moments. As long as I live, I will treasure the memories of those wonderful and challenging times that we experienced together in that unique environment.”



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