With our eyes turned toward the Far North and the Arctic, we can only wonder about the future of our planet as we hear leading scientists announce major climate change. Just thirty years ago, no one dreamed that the Arctic Ocean would ever be ice free during the summer…

Bernard Voyer is a privileged witness to the beauty, and especially the fragility, of our planet.

In 2012, the Arctic Ocean had lost nearly half its minimum ice cover by the end of the melt season, as compared with the average for the years from 1979 to 2000. A new record.

As eyewitnesses to these profound changes in our environment, what shall we do? Global warming is altering everything we have known up until now. A better understanding of its impact on our environment will allow us to react and to adapt quickly. We will certainly have to find new ways of doing things in every field. Explorer Bernard Voyer, who knows the Arctic intimately for having travelled and studied it over the past thirty years, paints a clear portrait of the ecological, political and human dimensions of this unprecedented situation.

The newly accessible Arctic Ocean is of global interest and our bargaining power when it comes to staking our territorial claim over it is very limited. The Arctic is thought to contain one quarter of the world’s natural resources – metals, oil, natural gas, fish and more. Our circumpolar neighbors, Russia, Europe and the United States, have their eye on all this wealth. Will the opening of the Northwest Passage represent a new El Dorado for Canada, or are we in danger of losing the North? "





Environment – Preservation
Climate Change
Northwest Passage
Arctic Wealth
Exploitation – Economics
Inuit – History and Culture




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