1953 – Rimouski Born in Rimouski (Quebec), March 7, 1953. My parents gave me my very first compass when I was barely six years old. I didn’t see…
1970 – Canadian Rockies My first encounters with real mountains, first ascents in the Canadian Rockies (Mont Cascade).
1978-95 – Baffin Island Four expeditions, four journeys on skis across Baffin Island, my first Arctic expeditions.
1979-98 – Canoe trips 5,000 km by canoe, tumultuous rivers and the largest expanses of water in Quebec.
1980-90 – High Atlas Ten treks adding up to thousands of kilometres throughout the High Atlas mountains of Morocco.
1980-91 – Alps Many different climbs in the French Alps.
1989 – Sahara He crossed the Great Western Erg region of the Sahara desert.
1992 – Ellesmere A world first: Skiing across Ellesmere Island, the world’s most northerly island!
1992 – Norway Following in the tracks of the greatest polar explorers of all time … This country has fascinated Bernard for a long time. Norway was his…
1993 – North Magnetic Pole First Canadian to reach the North Magnetic Pole on skis.
1993-2001 – Tierra del Fuego Last stop before leaving for Antarctica This city in Chile at the tip of Tierra del Fuego was the jumping-off point for Bernard’s first trip…
1993 – Antarctica cruise Reconnaissance trip for the South Pole expedition. Strolling among hundreds of thousands of penguins, admiring albatrosses in flight, watching whales, threading our way between icebergs,…
1994 – North Geographic Pole The Geographic North Pole via Siberia, on skis, starting out from a drifting scientific base.
1995 – Greenland First Canadian to ski across Greenland, 650 km from east to west!
1996 – South Pole The Antarctic on skis, totally unsupported, all the way to the South Pole.
1997 – Maïpo Summit of Mont Maïpo -5 264m- in Argentina.
1997 – Aconcagua Summit of Aconcagua - 6 959m, the highest mountain in the Americas.
1997 – Everest First Everest attempt. Bad weather kept him from reaching the summit. The first time I saw Everest, its peak was thrusting through the clouds and…
1998-2005 – Fuji The summit of the Land of the Rising Sun, Mount Fuji.
1998 – Kilimanjaro Summit of Kilimanjaro - 5 896m, the highest mountain on the African continent.
1999 – Everest Success! Standing on the Roof of the World - 8 850m - the highest point on Earth.
1999 – Fuya Fuya The first acclimatization summit on the Ecuador expedition. Mount Fuya Fuya – 4 280m, reached the summit on December 15, 1999. The mountain overlooks the magnificent Mojanda…
1999 – Imbabura Second summit on the Ecuador expedition. Mount Imbabura – 4 621m, reached the summit on December 19, 1999. The peak of this mountain is often hidden by…
1999 – Cotopaxi Ascent of the highest active volcano on earth.
2000 – Cumbal A detour via Colombia to summit an active volcano, Cumbal.
2000 – Chimborazo Ecuador: ascent of the country’s highest mountain, the Chimborazo.
2000 – Carstensz First Quebeker to summit the highest peak of Oceania.
2000 – Elbrus Ascent of the highest mountain of the European continent.
2001 – Denali-McKinley Ascent of Mont McKinley, the highest summit of the North American continent.
2001 – Vinson Climbing Mount Vinson, the Antarctic summit, the last stop on his World Tour.
The Seven Summits! On December 10, 2001, Bernard Voyer stood atop the world's coldest peak, Mount Vinson, in Antarctica, crowning his exceptional World Tour via the highest mountain…
2002 – Logan Attempt to reach the summit of Mount Logan.
2002-2005 – New Zealand Meeting his hero, Sir Edmund Hillary. It was a great moment. A private meeting with Sir Edmund Hillary and Lady June Hillary in December 2002,…
2003 – Kosciuszko Ascent of Australia’s highest mountain.
2003 – Tibet Lhasa, a place of worship, the Tibetan side of the Himalayas Tibet is an intriguing place, beckoning adventurers. Another door to Everest, it is completely…
2004 – Bhutan Trekking in the Land of the Thunder Dragon
2007 – Cruise North Nunavut, its history and landscapes, the Northwest Passage … A privilege, this new view of Nunavut. From this comfortable place – unlike my Polar expeditions…
2008 – Barbeau Atop Nunavut’s highest peak, not far from the North Pole.
2009 – Andes Horse riding expedition in the Andes.
2011 - Peru Taking young adventurers from the Great White North to the slopes of the Andes.
2014 - Nepal Taking young adventurers from the Great White North to the slopes of the Himalayas.
2020 - Antarctica cruise A new musical & polar project...