I wanted so badly to climb it, yet I was so afraid. It was the very first high peak I’d ever seen. From the window of our camp, at daybreak, its slopes seemed to touch the very sky. It left me breathless. I wondered how climbers could ever reach the summit.



Bernard was 16 years old when he discovered the Rockies. He had come to Banff for a summer of mountaineering instruction, and was amazed and impressed by the imposing strength of the high mountains. Every day he learned more of a new vocabulary: slope, col, arête, needle, moraine, piton and altitude. Never had a summer passed so quickly. And never would he forget the mountains

He has made many other climbs since then. Nathalie especially enjoys the Alpine vegetation, while Bernard’s son Yoann loves the long, unending hikes. The Rockies left an indelible impression on the young Bernard, and many of his expeditions have taken him into the mountains: such as when he climbed Everest, the roof of the world.

The Rockies suddenly appear.
Banff National Park never fails to amaze us.
My very first “real” summit!
Various hikes and climbs.