I will never forget the rockslide that crashed down the slope toward us, carrying huge boulders and thundering like it was the end of the world. It missed us by just a few metres.



The acclimatization climb for the assault on Mont Aconcagua was a (fortunately) extinct volcano. Maipo is 5 264m high, and dominates the Diamante lagoon. Bernard reached the summit on January 9, 1997 while Nathalie reached an altitude of 4 000m for the first time.

Maipo, formed of unstable rocks, stretches upward out of the lagoon that surrounds it, as if to protect the mountain or perhaps to reflect its splendour.

Ascending Maipo is a great way to prepare before tackling Aconcagua.
The Diamante lagoon brings a touch of life to the rocky surroundings.
Approaching the high-altitude slopes, you move slowly.

Facts and figures

  • Eevation : 5 264m
  • Summit date : January 9, 1997