1. Communications

The explorers sent alphanumeric, vocal and pictorial data directly from the Antarctic to base camp, using advanced equipment drawing on satellite technology.

Partners: Argos France, Compaq Canada, CTA Aerospace U.S.A.


2. Nutrition

The food they took along and how it was prepared was key to the success of the expedition. Meals were prepared using the most advanced freeze-drying techniques. Research into the nutritional aspects of the South Pole expedition focussed on three points:

  • evaluating their energy and nutritional needs under such extreme climatic conditions,
  • evaluating the calories required for the physical effort expended,
  • meeting these needs with 70 days’ worth of balanced and practical food rations.

 Partners: Cintech AA, Lyosan


3. Physiology

Bernard spent five 24-hour periods in an isolation chamber with a controlled atmosphere. Researchers were primarily interested in his basal metabolism.

Partner: Université Laval, Dr. Angelo Tremblay