1935: Lincoln Ellsworth on his Trans-Antarctic flight caught insight of a range of mountains, which he romantically named the Sentinel Range.

1958: A US Navy reconnaissance trip discovered a group of high mountains in the Sentinel Range. The exploratory Marie Bird Land Traverse expedition led by Dr. O Bentley surveyed it ; the highest summit was named. Vinson Massif after Carl G. Vinson, an American senator.

1966: The first ascent of Vinson massif by all 10 members of the American Antarctic Mountaineering Expedition.

1979:  The second ascent was made by Germans, P. von Gizycki and W. Buggisch, and the Soviet, V. Samsonov.

1985: Pat Morrow succeeds to reach Mount Vinson's peak becoming the first and only Canadian to complete the seven summits.

2001: Bernard Voyer becomes the first explorer in the Americas to complete this world tour via the highest mountain on each continent and its two geographic poles.