The “old man” of the Ellesmere expedition, with 40-odd years of skiing experience. He met Bernard in France: “We were already both Nordic skiers and instructors, and soon ended up collaborating on a commission to create a large national association. We worked together for a decade, and had lots of opportunities to chat, get to know each other and, of course, ski together many times.

But it was during a canoe trip in Vérendrye park that Bernard first talked to me about Ellesmere Island. I had never even heard of it! We spent two long years preparing for our expedition, communicating by fax, with him in Quebec and Bruno and me in France. Before the three of us were finally dropped at the northern tip of Ellesmere on the morning of April 1, with the thermometer sitting at -30° and 1,000 km of mountains in front of our ski tips…”



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