Thierry is an anaesthetist who immigrated from France to Gaspé, Quebec, in 1985. Since then he has divided his life between his work, his farm and his search for adventure. Along with several missions for Doctors Without Borders, he has set off to explore Iceland, Baffin Island, Labrador, James Bay, Ungava Bay, Greenland and other places. He and Bernard have shared 20 years of adventures. Together they have crossed Baffin Island and Greenland and, of course, skied to the South Pole.

Our expeditions and our bonds have always been in the form of a rope:
– the rope that tied up our canoe on the Pas River;
– the yellow rope that tied me to Bernard as I fought to recover a ski stuck in the slush, in the icy waters of the Greenland torrent where the ice had just given way and swallowed me up;
– the umbilical cord that joined us like Siamese twins for 70 days on our trek to the South Pole;
– and the climbing rope – the only real rope – used to get through the icefall above Everest base camp.
But to tell you the truth, my favourite is the one that connects me to all these memories and has tied us together as friends and explorers.


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