December 1992: Bernard lays out the map and traces the route.
January 1993: Reconnaissance trip to Antarctica.
April 1993: Bernard reaches the North Magnetic Pole, a Canadian first.
January 1994: Plans for a trip to the South Pole are launched in Montreal.
April 1994: Bernard travels to the North Geographic Pole from a floating Russian scientific base.
May 1995: Bernard, Thierry and Benoit Roy cross Greenland on skis, a Canadian first.
October 9, 1995: Press conference and meeting with friends, relatives and partners.
Octobre 24, 1995: Leave Montreal; set up in Punta Arenas, Tierra del Fuego, Chile.
Novembre 6, 1995: Arrive in Antarctica, Patriot Hills.
Novembre 6, 1995: Leave Patriot Hills, arrive at Berkner Island, the starting point of the expedition.
Novembre 9, 1995: The expedition departs.
January 12, 1996: SUCCESS! They arrive at the South Geographic Pole at 10:47a.m. Montreal time.